At ROBOTAAR we aim to provide the state of the art in autonomous systems; sensing, control, planning, mision naviagation, and multi-robots scenarios & communications

Consultancy and integration - Hardware relibility - Software/AI development and verfication - Digital twins interfaces



As the global adoption of automation increases, the application of artificial intelligence and robotics continues to grow and influence all aspects of industry and society.

Robots can provide useful services to consumers and local authorities in a smart cities setup, to industry, especially in remote and harsh environments, and in emergency situations. For example, according to research, autonomous maintenance for industrial assets and cities' infrastructure can reduce annual maintenance costs by 10%, downtime by up to 20% and inspection costs by 25%. It also improves worker safety, contributes towards a cleaner environment and can lead to a better quality of life for citizens.

At ROBOTAAR, we are also keen to provide a robust platform for developing the skills of future engineers and scientists as well as raising student awareness and understanding of applied research and development in robotics.